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TTC!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

Wow! It has just hit me this afternoon that we are no longer using any type of protection at all! So we are now actively trying to conceive a baby! wow! wow! wow! this has been such a long time coming it is a real shock that now we are going to be trying to have a baby! this is scary! and wonderful! and I am so happy. I can't wait to get home and BD lol I bet AF comes over the wknd now too hahaha so excited just had to share it! xoxoxoxo


Hey, hope everyone are fine. I wanted to share my story. I am infertile. And i know Its a part of my life now. There are so many people who are facing even more worse condition. I am TTC for last 5 years. My doctor gave up and suggested to adopt. I didnt agree and convinced him for surrogacy. We have registered ourselves for an event taking place. Its a clinic named Biotexcom. They will discuss their treatment plans. They will also be giving out a chance to sign contract with the clinic. Their head of English Department Anastasia is also coming. So there wont be any language barrier. I have searched about this clinic alot. I have also heard many very positive reviews about this clinic. The success rate is also very high. I cant wait to attend this event.

Hello beautiful, hope you are doing great. many congratulations to you on this great news. I'm happy for you. And wish you a healthy journey. Indeed that's the most memorable moments for a girl. I had my surrogacy done too. by an amazing clinic in Europe. Their labs were so hygienic and their services have my heart. They carried my journey so skillfully. I'm happy I chose them. Good luck stay blessed.

I hope you are fine.i can understand your pain. because I feel it for my first cousin who got 3 miscarriage and now became infertile.i'm sad for you as for her.she is very close to me.i have ask her for many treatments now she is going slowly satisfied by my suggestions.i have given her the idea for it is for I want to suggest.there are a lots of clinics are offering this treatment. after a few days there is organizing an event.there are coming infertility should concern with them.they will suggest you the best. my cousin is also going there.there are the limited please hurry up. maybe with this please you can make your dream true.

Hi dear. Really happy to hear this news. You must be really excited. You should be. These changes don’t come often. Now you must remain positive. Remain hopeful. Things will work out just fine. My best wishes are with you and your husband. I want to update everyone about the London event. Biotexcom has just announced on their website that there has been a change of plans. The team’s venue and arrival date have been changed. The team was going to be headed by Anastasia. She was going to answer all of the people’s questions. But don’t worry. Everyone, we will hear good news soon. Till then take care of yourselves.

Hi. I hope you are doing well. Congratulations on this. I m glad to see you happy and excited. I wish you would conceive soon. I am infertile. But I never lose hope. I was also TTC for 8 years. Then I had my surrogacy. people used to say that child is the one which you give birth. But I don't agree with this. If you have your biological child. He is still your blood. I am satisfied with my life. I am living a happy and comfortable life now. I wish you the best of luck dear. God bless you always. Keep us updated. Take care.