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Possible faint line? Help me out pretty please!

TTC - cycle 4 with #2. AF is due in 2 days. Broke down today and tested :/ (I suppose this is exactly why you wait). Anyway, only symptoms have been bowel related (I’ll spare y’all).


Hey Moms & Future Moms, I wanted to give an update. I thought I was crazy and I'd see a line and then not. Obviously it looks like there is nothing, but turns out there was. Hopefully this gives hope to anyone else who gets a basically negative test. AF never showed and I tested yesterday for a BFP. Good luck and all the baby dust to everyone :)

Congrats!!! I'm 6dp5dt... thought I saw the faintest of lines this morning but the longer I stared the more obvious it became that there was nothing there and I was losing my mind. You're giving me some hope.