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TWW buddies? Menopur cycle

Any TWW buddies on here? I did menopur, trigger, IUI. Now 2dpo, would love to have someone to chat with on the same schedule, or even if not :-)


Yes! I did my IUI on Saturday and Sunday after injections and finishing off with menopor before my trigger. I just broke my fertility bracelet that my friend gave me but I’ll fix it tomorrow! I’m trying not to cry about it. My husband thinks I’m crazy. How are you holding up ?

Hi Em, im on 7dpo and the poas itch is already there lol. What is a fertility bracelet?

Just a bracelet that my friend wore when she got prego. I think her acupuncturist gave it to her. I’m 3 dpiui. I’m going in to get progesterone checked on Monday Is this your first IUI? What’s your hx?

Oh ok how neat. No this is my 6th cycle of iui. I had one miscarriage and one chemical all via iui. This is my first cycle with menopur tho.

About 6 more days left for you ! Any symptoms so far?

yes lol. I've made a lil list but from the past I wont post it til its a real bfp. dont want ppl reading all my symptoms only for it to come out a negative lol. I had cramps the first 5 days after my iui then they subsided. I took digitals everyday to test out my trigger (see when it leaves my system) its harder to tell with regular stick test. but now even these are weird because 3 days ago it gave me negatives, then yesterday i just went to take another one expecting to see the same negative it it came out "pregnant" but i was only 7/8dpo so im like something got to b wrong. took another one at night n same thing "pregnant". Took one this morning with fmu and its back to "not pregnant" lol so we'll see. How are things going for you? Symptoms? any testing yet?

Em, how's it going for you? I got my faints starting friday. Sat. got my digi reading. Now just gotta wait for the blood test. Have you started testing?

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