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Possibility of pregnancy

I think I may be pregnant, I’ve been experiencing some signs & symptoms... I already have a 2 yro... so this will be my 2nd child... I had unprotected sex 2 dao (days after ovulation) I’ve been passing frequent bms that have been soft or loose. Slight cramping in abdomen and lower back pain. Along with sleeping just a little more than normal, but I have gotten up earlier a couple days before . Lastly the most recent symptom/sign my bf and I both noticed is my areoals are starting to darken a little bit starting with a dark ring on the outside following the nipple it’s self being a little darker. My exprected period starts in 4 days... could I be pregnant ?


Sounds like it’s possible!

How are you tracking ovulation? Do you have confirmation by charting/temping? I only ask, b/c if you BD'd 2dpo and are sure that you were 2dpo as confirmed by temping, then you have very little chance of being pregnant. The egg will not remain viable for implantation for more than 24hr (and it's usually MUCH less than that, which is why it is recommended to BD PRIOR to O if you are trying to get pregnant). However, if you are not charting an d only have "signs" to indicate O, then there is more possibility. If you are 10dpo (I'm assuming 10dpo if AF is due in 4d as the normal LP is ~14d), a pregnancy test could show positive by now.

I have a period app that tracks when I ovulate

Apps are just estimates. You can't be sure of O if you are not temping. But if you were actually 2dpo, then chances of pregnancy are slim-none. if app was off by even a day, then there is a possibility of pregnancy. Take a test...

Have you tried any tests yet?

No I haven’t, my period tracker says my cycle estimated date is Aug.30th

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