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7 DPO... itching to test!

Hi all x Just wondering if anyone out there is in the same boat as me... I'm currently on cycle #4 of TTC, was CONVINCED last month I was pg as had sooo many symptoms, but AF showed (4 days late?! - never happens) So, back to it and I am currently 7 DPO, desperately trying to resist the urge to poas... have internet cheapies so satisfy the urges but I know it's too early and could do without the hope dampener of a BFN! DH and I dtd twice around ovulation (I can feel when I ovulate). We have a son, a daughter and this will be the third. I have 1 fallopian tube after an ectopic but 2 ovaries - had both children from the tubeless one - amazing bodies we have! Anywho, just thought there may be someone out there that could do with a 2ww buddy, keep track of any signs and (maybe) keep each other sane?! I will be testing soon... As always, best of luck and huge amounts of baby dust to all xxx


Hi there! I am 9 dpo and have also been TTC for several months. I am trying so hard not to POAS too! I know if I do and get a BFN I’ll be crushed! But it’s also hard when you hear some ladies get their BFP on dpo 8,9, know!?!? I’ve thought FOR SURE I was pregnant in the past several months (I have been pregnant once but MC at 13 wks years ago) and it just hasn’t happened again. This cycle, the only “symptoms” I had were intense cramping that was continuous for about 12 hours or so about a week after my presumed ovulation date (implantation???? No clue!!!). Now I just have cramping on and off but feels like AF coming. Normally I’ll get cramps on and off, but I’ve never had continual premenstral cramps for over 12 hours 7-8 days before EP! I’m probably out but this is so frustrating. How did you feel with your other pregnancies? What symptoms are you having? Hang in there and be strong! It will happen! I won’t POAS if you don’t lol