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1st trimester fatigue bfn

I have several children, got my tubes banded in Feb, 5 months after my section. All was good. Until last month, 1st trimester fatigue kicks in two days past ovulation, had an odd cycle but nonetheless, fatigue is still here. I'm 7 days into my new "cycle." Fatigue is unbelievable. Hits me every day around the same time. Sore breasts, actually lactating, for lack of a better description, but all bfn! Someone please she'd some light! If it were pms, wouldn't it have gone away with my cycle?


I am not pregnant. My beta hcg was less than 1. Turns out my tsh is 7.8 so my thyroid is super low. Getting more tests tomorrow. Fwiw, I had very faint lines on several early result tests, mainly blue dye. Wasn't necessarily hoping for a bfp, tho that would be easier to accept than having a medical problem. Good luck, Ladies and God Bless.