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July 2019 baby hopes.....whos with me.

Hi!!! Well here I am......again....waiting for a temp spike to confirm O after 2 days of solid smiles on CB digi. DH and i have been trying for cyckes now, this baby will be my last and his first as i already have a 15 year old and twin boys from previous relationships. DH is a few years older than me abd only wants to try for a year, so i guess you can say the pressure is on. Anyhow, got a solid smile on CD 13 and 14. Been temping every morning, no spike yet. We BD on 10, 11,13 and 14 and will keep going until we see a spike!! Anyone else goimg to be starting their ttw this week!!! Would love someone to go crazy with! Babydust to everyone!


With you!! I'm still waiting on the double lines for the LH surge, but usually land around CD19. I'm on cycle 4 too - looking forward to whenever the BFP arrives! Babydust right back - hope this is our month!!!

MEEEE. Waiting to get BFP after 2 MC within a yr. AF will meet me on 15 Oct. & i am on 8 / 9 DPO. PRAYING SO HARD>

Me tooo... Just positive ovaluation test on the 7 and 8 of Oct. Which is my CD17 and 18. So I'm on 2 DPO. Now just waiting the tww to test or to see if AF shows up.

would love to join the July baby crew. I have irregular periods, which is why this cycle stands out. I'm 42 soon to be 43 on the Nov 1. I haven't had a menstrual cycle since 5/18. My doctor told me I was in perimenopause stage fairly early. My DF is 9 years younger than me and has no children. He also works offshore which makes BD extremely difficult. I was getting ready to end our engagement, because of my abilities to have a child for him. Well low and behold AF arrived 9/21 with a light flow for about 4 days. My periods are normally 7 days or longer and extremely heavy. I didn't know what to make of it, so I pulled out my CBFM and decided to go with the flow. My DF came home on 10/3 and boy was he all over me, we BD all over the house, lol. After several days of low I finally got a peak on CD15 with EWCM. Didn't think I would even ovulate with such a short menstrual. Now I'm 5dpo and praying for our little blessing. DF and I have the same birthday and boy would this be one hell of a birthday gift for us both. Plenty of baby vibes to us all.

I amso happy to see that we are all waiting at the same time!! Makes these next 2 weeks bareable. I am currently on 3 or 4 dpo ( depending whether i use the OPK or Advanced on FF ). Anyhow, not much in the way of symptoms, or maybe I am ignoring them due to many months if disappointment!! How are you all feeling? When are you guys going to start testing? I dont know what do with myself as there are no sticksfir me to pee on fir a while! Haha....dont know why its so addicting!!

I'm going to try to hold out for 13 dpo, which will be Oct. 23rd I think! I'm trying not to symptom spot too much, but didn't feel great yesterday. How's everyone hanging in with the wait??

We're on our 3rd IUI cycle but had been trying for 2 years previously. I have a week to wait before AF is due and trying to hard not to symptom spot! I had a trigger shot of hcg last Tuesday so that ovulation was timed and I've had incredibly sore boobs since about Thursday last week. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I never had sore boobs on the last two cycles! Had my progesterone blood test today so when I get the results on Thursday I'll have a fairly good idea if it's likely to have worked or not! Low progesterone = unlikely to have worked so fingers crossed for high progesterone! X

Also sending baby vibes to everyone too! My fingers are crossed for you all!

I'm also with you and everyone else here! :-) I sadly had a mc exactly 4 weeks ago now and have a feeling that I might be pregnant already again. I just felt funny around and after ovulation, had a dream about a little girl (I also had a dream when I was pregnant with my DS). I am 100% sure I ovulated 16 days ago now since I had made sure that my HCG levels were down to 0 after the mc was complete. Anyway, I felt this contant pressure in my uterus for a few days about a week ago now and my boobs have been very sore for over a week now. Two days ago I had period like cramps and thought ok 'she' is coming but no, the cramping went away and no period. Last night I was experiencing heavy lower back pain that reached down to my right leg. I was thinking again that AF was coming round the corner but no, I woke up this morning feeling completely fine, went to the loo and there was nothing again. So I just don't know whether the symptoms are PMS related and AF is really yet to come or whether I might be pregnant. I think I will buy a test today. Have any of you got an update yet??? Fingers x for all of you! Xx