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Worried much

Hello ladies, i am in need of support (as we all are) begin at the beginning of 2017 when me and my boyfriend got together we were intimate (unprotected). At first we were not ttc at all however the intimacy continued and my MC symptoms changed, it will be late, begin with pink spotting and of course PMS so i always assumed i was pregnant. The result of that, i became obsessed with checking my every symptom and get myself comfortable with the idea of being pregnant just to end up with AF banging on my door. After months turned into a year, and a year turned into 20 months i began to worry that i am unable to have children and it turned into huge disappointments after one another. I am 23 and want kids. Seeing all of my peers with preg bellies and some on their third child i wonder why it has not been easy for me to conceive.


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