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I can't comment on your latest post as apparently I am a robot. I just NEEDED to reach out and congratulate you. I was on here for a few years struggling to conceive and reading your posts always helped me on my worst days. I had my daughter feb 8 2018 and I've come on here about once a month to stalk you. I'm sooooooo sooooo over the moon for you! I have kept you in my prayers and I just knew this day would come for you. Enjoy every single second of it!!! I wish you, your husband and baby all the Love, happiness and health in the world. Congrats again, MOMMY!!!!!! How do I find your book???


First off asmrld, congratulations!!! Second off, thank you!!! I'm so flattered how many of you are dropping by to wish me well! Maybe it's the hormones but it's making me a little teary lol. Not sure if you're into yoga / meditation, but link to my book here:

Oh my gosh!!!!! Spazzle---this is amazing ! All the bestest wishes. I can't be superlative enough in my well wishes ! (Hence, bestest). I've never been so happy for someone I've never met. You deserve all the best.