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Still here! Still pregnant!

I am intermittently blocked from posting, but maybe this will go through... My second beta more than doubled and they gave us the go ahead to schedule our first ultrasound in 4 weeks. We're so excited! Thank you all SO MUCH for the well wishes! I'm reading them all and trying my best to post and give you guys instructions on how to follow me in the future. Maybe I'll be off the naughty list soon?


Excellent news!! Thank you for the update!! How exciting to have your first US scheduled...woohoo!! And I dont know what's up with all these posting issues lately but thank you for not giving up on trying to post!

Yay for an amazing beta!! I hope I didn’t miss a post about how to follow you!

All right guys, cross your fingers! Spazzle is pregnant dot home dot blog with no spaces.

Thanks Spazzle, I will definitely follow!!! you must be so excited! It's such a great feeling, enjoy it all!

AHHHHHH Spazzle I am so so SOOOOO thrilled that your dream has come true! I hope your pregnancy goes PERFECTLY!

Good stuff girl I knew you'd get there eventually. Fucking excellent news. Wish you all the best babe. Love alexandra