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IUI number two

So going in for IUI number two 05/08/2019. I can say I am definitely a little less nervous as I know what to expect. I am 40 my right ovary and tube are no good and I have been trying to conceive for two years with my new husband. We initially tried Letrozole to increase ovulation but still no ovulation on my left side. The next month we did Gonal-F 150 for CD2 - CD9 with trigger on CD12 IUI CD14. I had one follicle on my left side that was about 19 and three on my right that were 19 but only the left counts. IUI was done on April 10th. I think those were the longest 14 days of my life; unfortunately, on day 14 I started spotting and day 15 I started my cycle. Again this month we did Gonal F 75 (instead of 150) CD2 - CD110 with trigger on CD11 and IUI will be CD CD13. I will keep you guys posted. No notable symptoms yet from the trigger shot. I will say a little bummed as my US on Friday the 3rd of May showed 5 follicles in the Left ovary and now we only see one that is mature. I know it is still possible but the more there are the better the chances. I will leave this in the Lords hands and know He has a plan and a path for our family.


So doing well. IUI was on the 8th of May and this time it was a little painful compared to last time. We timed my trigger shot a little differently and did the IUI 30 hours from the trigger not 36. I am 3 days Post IUI and 4 days post trigger. I feel surprisingly calm compared to last time and my husband is the one who is anxious, good for me as my stress is lower. I am however being affected by the trigger shot as I have been very nauseous this time. I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme nausea and my mouth was watering, my boobs are very sore as well. Last time I had no side effects from the trigger shot which is HCG. With the last IUI I took a pregnancy test until they were negative and yesterday which was 3 days post trigger it was faintly positive, I will take another one tomorrow morning which will likely still be faintly positive. I do this every few days until I get a clear negative, that way when I test at the 15 PO mark there is no question if it was the trigger shot or if I really am getting a BFP.

Meandmana, I had my IUI done on the 8th of May as well. Good luck! Just a few more days

I hope for you to have good news! I took an HPT this morning and BFP, I am 14 days post IUI. Unfortunately, my HCG quant count was very low at 18.5 (250mcg trigger so definitely out of my system plus I take tests every 4 days starting at day 7 until I have a negative, Saturday was negative and today was positive). I will repeat my HCG quant Friday to see what the level does. I'm very excited and nervous but I know the Lord has a plan and I will go with his flow!

We are still waiting all home tests come back positive. I did not redo my Quant yet since the holiday weekend is here and my fertility clinic is closed. I'm really scared of tubal pregnancy, I'm having some left side pain. Trying to stay positive. Wouldn't be so worried but the odds are kinda not in my favor for tubal as I have had my tube untied and doing fertility treatment are two things that can lead to tubal.... stay positive He has a plan!