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7 weeks and feeling rotten

After 11 unsuccessful iui’s, 1 egg retrieval resulting in 22 follicles (4 embryos), and 1 failed frozen embryo transfer, I’m finally pregnant. I’m currently at 7 weeks and taking 1ml progesterone in oil, plus 6mg estradiol per day. I’ve had normal symptoms which are exacerbated by the meds (nausea, heartburn, cramping), I’ve been feeling absolutely miserable the last few days. My body feels as though I have a bad cold, just aches and exhaustion. Hopefully this is not a bad sign but I genuinely feel like poo. Here’s to hoping my BFP sticks and remains healthy.


Oh I am so happy for you guys! Just take it easy and try to stay positive. I know it is hard with all that going on but the hard part is done and now you are just along for the ride. Listen to your body and go with the flow. Congratulations!