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Missed period bfn

Hello everyone, I could really use some advice, ttc a year now, I have one son 25 years old and my husband also has a boy 27 years old, I had my last period 29th June, I'm never late with regular cycles, about 3 days after that period ended we had intercourse x 1 as I have a feeling I ovulate early and decided to stop following apps, the following morning I had spotting which I found very strange as I never spot after a period, I guess it was the intercourse and so soon after period stopped, the spotting lasted about a week stopping and starting, I wasn't expecting af as I thought I had longer bleeding so my next period would be late but I actually missed last months period so I put that down to the longer bleed, however I have had sore breasts and dizzy on off with nausea came today, my breasts are heavy and fuller still a little tender sore, some facial flushing today but the strangest thing is I have had no cm, completly dry, I always spot brown cm before af religiously every month but zero since before 29th June period, feeling hot after waking up, I'm not charting just checked temp last 2 mornings as feeling hot, took opk as app says I'm close to ovulation, for 4 days wednesday to saturday flashing smiley face on CB opk, took pregnancy test last Tuesday at docs and early Wednesday morning at home but both negative, I feel different this time, i can't remember my last pregnancy symptoms 25 years ago lol but one thing that definitely sticks in my memory is I tested with a home pregnancy test then which was negative and when my then boyfriend brought me to the gp I was over 3 months pregnant with DS, anyone have these signs and still get bfp