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Faint Positive while bleeding?!?!

July 5th Cycle Day 1 Period Starts Heavy July 6th Cycle Day 2 Period July 7th Cycle Day 3 Period July 8th Cycle Day 4 Period July 9th Cycle Day 5 Period Ends Light, DTD July 10th Cycle Day 6 Nothing July 11th Cycle Day 7 Nothing July 12th Cycle Day 8 Nothing July 13th Cycle Day 9 Nothing July 14th Cycle Day 10 Fertile Period Begins July 15th Cycle Day 11 Nothing July 16th Cycle Day 12 DTD, Tired, Terrible Headache, Slight Nausea July 17th Cycle Day 13 Nothing July 18th Cycle Day 14 Light Cramps July 19th Cycle Day 15 Expected Ovulation Day July 20th Cycle Day 16 1 DPO Fertile Period Ends, Sick, Stressed, Tired, Upset Stomach July 21st Cycle Day 17 2 DPO Gloomy, Anxious, Moody, Sick, Stressed, Weepy July 22nd Cycle Day 18 3 DPO Acne Breakout July 23rd Cycle Day 19 4 DPO Stressed, Acne Breakout, Terrible Headache July 24th Cycle Day 20 5 DPO DTD July 25th Cycle Day 21 6 DPO Fatigued, Irritable, Stressed, Upset Stomach July 26th Cycle Day 22 7 DPO DTD, Sleepy, Gloomy, Impatient, Irritable, Moody, Stressed, Weepy, Feeling Unbalanced, Terrible Headache, Upset Stomach, Nausea July 27th Cycle Day 23 8 DPO Lethargic, Sick, Tired, Dizziness, Upset Stomach, Nausea, Terrible Headache, Light Cramps July 28th Cycle Day 24 9 DPO Sick, Calm Feeling, Light Cramps, Acne Breakout, Upset Stomach July 29th Cycle Day 25 10 DPO Backache July 30th Cycle Day 26 11 DPO Moody, Weepy, Sick, Light Cramps, Upset Stomach, Negative Pregnancy Test July 31st Cycle Day 27 12 DPO Sick, Light Cramps, Headache, Upset Stomach August 1st Cycle Day 28 13 DPO Brown Spotting, Terrible Headache, Sick August 2nd 1 Day Late 14 DPO Expected Period Day, Brown Spotting, Stressed, Moody, Unbalanced August 3rd 2 Days Late 15 DPO Brown Spotting, Negative Pregnancy Test, DTD, Moody, Stressed August 4th 3 Days Late 16 DPO Brown Spotting, Negative Pregnancy Test, Moody, Stressed August 5th 4 Days Late 17 DPO Brown Spotting August 6th 5 Days Late/Period? 18 DPO Faint Positive Pregnancy Test?, Red Spotting or Period Starting? August 7th Today 19 DPO Chemical Pregnancy? Early Miscarriage? False Positive? Defective Test? Red Spotting or Period?


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