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Last additions - Internet Cheapie Pee Sticks
11dpo faint BFPs33585 viewsFaint BFP with 2 brands of internet cheapies (blue is brand)Mar 05, 2006
10dpo faint BFP35001 viewsThis is with brand cheapieMar 05, 2006
+OPKs and +HPTs all in one photo!30539 viewsThese are from Mom2BoonMalachi on the boards! She's now half way through her pregnancy! Feb 09, 2006
20dpo Cheapie22098 views20dpo CheapieJan 30, 2006
9dpo DollarTree HPT19618 viewsPhoto of faint BFP with DollarTree HPTJan 14, 2006
11dpo & 12dpo Internet Cheapies24929 viewsPhoto of 11dpo (top) and 12dpo (bottom) internet cheapie BFPsJan 14, 2006
11dpo Cheapie21249 viewsPhoto of BFP at 11dpo with internet cheapie HPTJan 14, 2006
13dpo Cheapie (Beta HCG 227)18361 viewsCheapie taken at 13dpo with beta HCG 227Jan 14, 2006
OPK vs HPT Pee Stick Experiment19271 viewsat 17dpo, a OPK cheapie and HPT cheapie was taken and both showed dark lines!Jan 13, 2006
14dpo Cheapie with faint line24002 viewsFaint line on internet cheapie pee stick at 14dpoJan 13, 2006
14dpo Opened HPT18746 viewsPhoto of dismantled HPT (not sure of brand) at 14dpoJan 13, 2006
16dpo Cheapie BFP on Christmas20102 viewsChristmas day BFP (16dpo) with internet cheapie pee stickJan 13, 2006
9dpo - 16dpo Internet Cheapie Progression27325 viewsReally great photo of the progressively darker BFP line starting at 9dpo and going through 16dpo - I think these are cheapies.

(Click the photo to see a larger detailed version)
Jan 12, 2006
10dpo Cheapie pee sticks20844 viewsFaint line showing at 10dpo using internet cheapie pee sticksJan 12, 2006
internetcheapies.jpg Cheapie Progression22036 viewsPhoto of cheapies taken over many days. Notice how the test line continues to darken. The dpo is unknown.Jan 12, 2006
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