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13dpo & 14dpo (Beta 151) Target HPT24072 viewsThis + HPTs are from Jilly - her first IVF cycle!Feb 15, 2006
+OPKs and +HPTs all in one photo!30559 viewsThese are from Mom2BoonMalachi on the boards! She's now half way through her pregnancy! Feb 09, 2006
DollarTree vs Equate23886 viewsDollarTree vs Equate HPT (I think Dollar Tree is the clear winner here!)Feb 06, 2006
11dpo and 12dpo FRERs & Equate31062 views11dpo FRER testand a 12dpo FRER and Equate +HPTFeb 06, 2006
Pee stick progression (with betas)29921 viewsBeta 53 was on 1/31 (labled in the pic) and Beta 95 on 2/1 (also labeled in pic)Feb 06, 2006
+OPK at cd199377 viewsThis one is with Clearblue Easy OPKFeb 04, 2006
How Swimkatt told DH...17862 viewsI think this an adorable idea!Feb 03, 2006
Clearblue Easy OPK tests12565 viewsNice progression of CBE OPK testsFeb 03, 2006
10dpo FRER28668 viewsPretty dark for 10dpo! (Twins???)Feb 01, 2006
A giant pee stick made out of little pee sticks17361 viewsHow many pee sticks are in this photo??? (Anyone care to count? - Put your guess as a comment)

Submitted by MrsSnailSnail
Feb 01, 2006
"Porcelin Pee Cup"13499 viewsSubmitted by ChristinaBFeb 01, 2006
"Wishful Thinking"14279 viewsSubmitted by Nina3117Feb 01, 2006
12dpo Equate, FactPlus, Accuclear22902 views12dpo Equate, FactPlus, AccuclearJan 31, 2006
11dpo & 15dpo +FRER31989 viewsSecond of 2 photos 11dpo & 15dpo +FRERJan 31, 2006
11dpo & 15dpo +FRER34697 viewsFirst of 2 photos 11dpo & 15dpo +FRERJan 31, 2006
Dollar Tree +HPT progression38826 viewsThanks to Jami for submitting her wonderful +HPT Dollar Tree progression. She's unsure of her DPO, but on 1/30 her beta was 53.

(Click photo for larger version)
Jan 31, 2006
Dollar Store & Answer w/ FMU (beta 53)23673 viewsAnswer Early and dissembled Dollar Store +HPT with FMU and beta 53Jan 31, 2006
QuickView +HPT (Beta 57)21953 viewsThis QuickView brand was from a doctor's office. Beta was 57. Jami is unsure of her DPO.Jan 31, 2006
16dpo EPT +HPT23245 viewsHere's an EPT test at 16dpoJan 30, 2006
11dpo Equate21319 viewsFaint line at 11dpo, but still clearly visible by cameraJan 30, 2006
19dpo and 20dpo Faint Equates21953 viewsPostitive, but faintJan 30, 2006
9dpo - 12dpo (PG with Twins)25017 viewsAnother POAS progression from Heather who is pregnant with twins. These are Equate +HPTs. Her first +HPT was at 10dpo. (note the smiley face!)Jan 30, 2006
7-12dpo with FRER37608 viewsYes, don't rub your eyes, that really is a BFP at 7dpo!Jan 30, 2006
15dpo & 17dpo FRERs25358 views15dpo & 17dpo FRERs - nice lines on theseJan 30, 2006
12dpo Equate and FRER22938 views12dpo Equate and FRERJan 30, 2006
12dpo Pregnant with Twins26045 viewsWowie these are dark +HPTs!Jan 30, 2006
8w3d Pregnant +HPTs23222 viewsOkay, this girl has been pregnant for a while but still POASing... a TRUE POAS-Addict! :-)Jan 30, 2006
BFP at 8dpo and Assorted HPTs28491 viewsFaint line at 8dpo with dollar tree test and 9-13dpo tests labeled accordingly.Jan 30, 2006
Answer OPK Strip Tests15822 viewsThese are Answer OPK test strips. I had heard some negative things about them but I think these are some pretty clear positives...actually the clearest I've ever gotten! I know that I was looking for pics of these when I first started using them and I didn't really find any so I figured I'd add them to the gallery!Jan 30, 2006
12dpo [-] Cheapie & 14dpo [+] Target22041 viewsTOP: Negative test at 12 dpo (from *
BOTTOM: Positive test at 14 dpo from Target
* Note the faint red line on this test, which appeared 2 hours later (dh fished it out of the garbage to check – so much for “early detection!”)
Jan 30, 2006
15dpo Answer +HPT14253 viewsVery dark at 15dpo!Jan 30, 2006
20dpo Cheapie22108 views20dpo CheapieJan 30, 2006
Assorted HPTs21928 viewsNot sure of the dpo but you can see them going from faint to very dark (top to bottom) - click for larger version

Also notice the very dark +OPK with the +HPT
Jan 24, 2006
Delayed O, TTC for 14 months10578 viewsDelayed O, TTC for 14 monthsJan 24, 2006
BFP with Clomid, Implantation Dip13455 viewsBFP with Clomid, Implantation Dip, Endo, TTC for 18 monthsJan 24, 2006
Late BFP, Endometriosis12544 viewsEndometriosis, late BFP, TTC for 24 monthsJan 24, 2006
Triphasic with Implantation Dip11660 viewsThis chart is triphasic because the temps go to a third high level after implantationJan 24, 2006
IVF Cycle BFP11204 viewsIVF Cycle, TTC for 36 months total, Late BFPJan 24, 2006
13dpo Answer +HPT14339 viewsBeautiful Answer BFP at 13dpoJan 24, 2006
13-14dpo Cheapie Evap27978 viewsDo you see a pink spot? Her AF arrived the next day...Jan 24, 2006
13dpo FRER23011 views13dpo FRERJan 24, 2006
Clearblue FM Sticks (+HPT mentioned)15286 viewsReally great photo of Clearblue Fertility Monitor sticks from +OPK day (top stick) through 12dpo, testing almost every day of the 2ww. Notice how the test line gets dark again around 9-10dpo and this woman got a +HPT at 10dpo!Jan 23, 2006
14dpo + Clearblue Easy HPT18732 views14dpo + Clearblue Easy HPTJan 22, 2006
12dpo and 15dpo FRER (Beta HCG 135)31142 views12dpo and 15dpo FRER (Beta HCG 135)Jan 22, 2006
12dpo - 18dpo Gorgeous HPT Progression!29126 views(Click the photo for a larger version)
Here is a complete set of my darkening FRERs , taken 12dpo, 14dpo (beta 147), 16dpo (beta 415) and 18dpo.
Also see two generic hpts taken on 12dpo and 14dpo (the 12dpo line is there but almost invisible, the 14dpo one is pretty hard to see too).

And, to confirm the knowledge that opks double as sensitive hpts, there is also an opk (the green stick) taken at 18dpo.
Jan 22, 2006
15dpo EPT +HPT21160 viewsThe top pic is EPT, the bottom is Clearblue Easy, both at 15dpoJan 22, 2006
9dpo - 14dpo FRER - PG with Twins31475 viewsAnother HPT progression with FRER and this mom was pregnant with twins (they are delivered now, so it was a healthy pregnancy!)Jan 22, 2006
10dpo - 14dpo FRER - PG with Twins!45979 viewsPhoto of +HPTs of woman pregnant with twins!
Beta @ 15dpo = 598
Beta @ 17dpo = 955
U/S at 6w1d showed Twins!
(Click photo to see larger version)
Jan 22, 2006
10dpo & 11dpo FRER +HPT36259 viewsYou can watch the line get progressively darker on these 10dpo and 11dpo FRER HPTsJan 22, 2006
11dpo Answer +HPT13529 viewsBeautiful Answer +HPT at 11dpoJan 22, 2006
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