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11dpo - 15dpo HPT vs OPK cheapie experiment35726 viewsAt 15dpo - +OPK

(Beta at 13dpo was 44)
10dpo - 14dpo Dollar Tree Progression50041 viewsSimply beautiful!
Early Pregnancy Tests HPT 10-15dpo51938 viewsThese are pee sticks from called "Pregnancy Midstream Tests" on the web site. This is after three years of IUI’s and IVF’s and two miscarriages. I am hoping this one will stick!
BFP Progression from 6dpo - 11dpo35702 viewsBFP Progression from 6dpo - 11dpo
CBEFM sticks cd16-1911537 viewsCBEFM sticks cd16-19, marked H(high), P(peak), and O on O day confirmed by temp, Stephenie got her +HPT this cycle!
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