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11dpo Answer +HPT13508 viewsBeautiful Answer +HPT at 11dpo
12dpo - 18dpo Gorgeous HPT Progression!28983 views(Click the photo for a larger version)
Here is a complete set of my darkening FRERs , taken 12dpo, 14dpo (beta 147), 16dpo (beta 415) and 18dpo.
Also see two generic hpts taken on 12dpo and 14dpo (the 12dpo line is there but almost invisible, the 14dpo one is pretty hard to see too).

And, to confirm the knowledge that opks double as sensitive hpts, there is also an opk (the green stick) taken at 18dpo.
14dpo + Clearblue Easy HPT18704 views14dpo + Clearblue Easy HPT
15dpo Answer +HPT14230 viewsVery dark at 15dpo!
11dpo - 15dpo HPT vs OPK cheapie experiment35820 viewsAt 15dpo - +OPK

(Beta at 13dpo was 44)
Clearblue FM Sticks (+HPT mentioned)15242 viewsReally great photo of Clearblue Fertility Monitor sticks from +OPK day (top stick) through 12dpo, testing almost every day of the 2ww. Notice how the test line gets dark again around 9-10dpo and this woman got a +HPT at 10dpo!
17dpo Equate (+/-) HPT12901 viewsThis is an Equate test taken at 17dpo - DARK!
OPK vs HPT Pee Stick Experiment19199 viewsat 17dpo, a OPK cheapie and HPT cheapie was taken and both showed dark lines!
+OPKs and +HPTs all in one photo!30447 viewsThese are from Mom2BoonMalachi on the boards! She's now half way through her pregnancy!
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