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12dpo - 18dpo Gorgeous HPT Progression!28983 views(Click the photo for a larger version)
Here is a complete set of my darkening FRERs , taken 12dpo, 14dpo (beta 147), 16dpo (beta 415) and 18dpo.
Also see two generic hpts taken on 12dpo and 14dpo (the 12dpo line is there but almost invisible, the 14dpo one is pretty hard to see too).

And, to confirm the knowledge that opks double as sensitive hpts, there is also an opk (the green stick) taken at 18dpo.
Answer Pee Sticks Progression12780 viewsThe dpo is unknown with this photo but you can see the progression of darker BFP lines with these Answer HPTs
10dpo-14dpo Internet Cheapies19957 viewsPhoto progression with Internet Cheapies from 10dpo to 14dpo
Answer +OPK progression17182 viewsAnswer OPK progression, +OPK on cd14, cd15
Early Pregnancy Tests HPT 10-15dpo52010 viewsThese are pee sticks from called "Pregnancy Midstream Tests" on the web site. This is after three years of IUI’s and IVF’s and two miscarriages. I am hoping this one will stick!
Pee stick progression (with betas)29841 viewsBeta 53 was on 1/31 (labled in the pic) and Beta 95 on 2/1 (also labeled in pic)
Dollar Tree +HPT progression38721 viewsThanks to Jami for submitting her wonderful +HPT Dollar Tree progression. She's unsure of her DPO, but on 1/30 her beta was 53.

(Click photo for larger version)
internetcheapies.jpg Cheapie Progression21963 viewsPhoto of cheapies taken over many days. Notice how the test line continues to darken. The dpo is unknown.
Answer OPK progression28777 viewsAnswer OPK progression
Answer OPK progression16421 viewsAnswer OPK progression, +OPK on cd15 and cd16
12dpo - 23dpo Progression22027 viewsBeautiful photo of FRER and Answer +HPTs from 12dpo through 23dpo
HPT's and OPK's internet cheapies from 7-14DPO44325 viewsHPT's and OPK's internet cheapies from 7-14DPO
BFP Progression from 6dpo - 11dpo35766 viewsBFP Progression from 6dpo - 11dpo
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