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15dpo EPT +HPT21156 viewsThe top pic is EPT, the bottom is Clearblue Easy, both at 15dpo55555
(6 votes)
EPT Digital Pee Stick (DPO unknown)15530 viewsThis is a photo of a digital pee stick that shows the degree of darkness of the test line. Note: The manufacturer recommends not analyzing the second line in these tests because the presence of a second line does not indicate pregnancy. If you use a digital test, the test must read "Pregnant" before it can be considered a BFP.44444
(9 votes)
16dpo EPT +HPT23241 viewsHere's an EPT test at 16dpo33333
(6 votes)
11dpo EPT pee stick18815 viewsPhoto of faint line on EPT pee stick at 11dpo33333
(11 votes)
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