Could it be labor or BH?

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Could it be labor or BH?

Postby marinewife78 » Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:12 pm

Ok so I am 35 1/2 weeks by one of my drs and 36 by another dr. I have a bicornuate uterus and I have been lucky that my baby isnt breech, he is head down, I get ultrasounds monthly to make sure he still has room to grow in there due to my bicornuate uterus. Anyways, last week I had loose stools (TMI SORRY), I was also peeing about every 10 mins, and my stomach under my right breast was so sorry I couldnt even touch it (Im guessing that is where his butt is. My baby moves ALL the time. NOW starting last night I started to get mild period like my baby has moved but not as much as usual AT ALL,and I still have mild cramps. They were on and off earlier but more on now. I cant say if my baby has dropped, I do still feel his butt Im guessing in my ribs under my right breast. I am still peeing about every 10 mins and its not much but feels like it should be, no burning so i dont think its a UTI. I am very very very tired pretty much lazy, kinda makes me wonder if i will nest at all cause in all honesty i have be very tired through my whole pg. I cant tell if my stomach is hard and or tighting cause its always hard, but will say I have noticed it seems little more harder. This is not my 1st pg but its been 17 years since I have been pg, and the only way I knew I was in labor back then was my water broke. I am also on P17 shots weekly to help keep him in but I know they arent guaranteed to keep him in. I only have one more shot left and I get it next week.
So I guess I didnt confuse anyone, and I am asking doesnt it sound like BH,labor or just normal pg symptoms?
I go to the dr 2morrow morning to get last ultrasound to see how much room he has left in there and or if they think they will have to induce me b4 my due date. So should I just wait until I go to the dr in the morning or could these be some signs of labor coming on?
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