Any post gastric bypass expectant moms here?

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Any post gastric bypass expectant moms here?

Postby krickyk26 » Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:27 am

I'm looking for advice from others who have had gastric bypass before pregnancy. I am 10 years out and have had two healthy pregnancies post bypass (the first was twins). I needed c-sections with both pregnancies (breech twins and low fluid). Never went into labor.

I'm hoping to vba2c this time but the hospital is saying I can't because of the gastric bypass (not because of two previous c-sections, they do vba2c). Labs were all perfect, no nutritional deficiencies. No one can tell me why the gastric bypass means repeat c-section and I haven't found anything out there that says one necessitates the other. I'm low to medium risk according to their own risk assessment guidelines and only because I've had two low transverse sections. Their risk levels go low, medium, high, and very high.

I've even found an ACOG statement from last year that is contrary to the hospital's position and specifically says GB is not an independent indicator for a c-section. I've been to ICAN and vbacfacts. Done tons of research. I've already switched offices once. I've been been firm in my position that as long as baby and me are good, I'm not consenting (I'm a lawyer and was very specific) so they sent me for a ton of tests, even and EKG and an echocardiogram which I did to make sure I truly am healthy. All normal. I was only referred to the hospital for a consult by a nurse midwife only because she didn't know which labs to run for a bypass patient. It wasn't supposed to be a discussion about scheduling my section which is what it turned into followed by a one-sided scolding about how it was too risky because of the bypass to deliver vaginally but they "can't force me."

Just looking for others who may have gone through this or have advice.
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