One week late, negative HPT. Could blood show POSITIVE?

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One week late, negative HPT. Could blood show POSITIVE?

Postby tryingtryingtrng » Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:34 am

Hello. Please help as I am impatient!!

I have a predictable 28 day cycle. I am now 7 days late. I have taken several home pregnancy tests which have all been negative. My boobs are slightly sore but other than that, I haven't really had any symptoms, usually I get really sore before my periods (no sign they are on their way).

My question is this. Has anyone else been a week or more OVERDUE for their periods - received NEGATIVE home pregnancy tests but then received a POSITIVE blood pregnancy result??

Also, what were the pregnancy symptoms you were getting at around 4 weeks??

Thanks so much!
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Re: One week late, negative HPT. Could blood show POSITIVE?

Postby OCT.4me » Sat Mar 21, 2015 4:47 pm

I was four weeks with a neg. blood test and neg. pregnancy test but absolutely blaring positive symptoms. I was getting breast milk let down feelings, dizziness, chest racing (my symptom due to sugars), I was experiencing cramping like stretching pains in pelvis and night sweating. My cm was white and thick, cervix was high I couldn't reach it and I just knew it was pregnancy since after a year no month ever produced such obvious signs.
I was at the end of my fifth week and got a positive FRER and then three days later a beta of 500 hcg. For me it was vanishing twin and never out of five pregnancies did I ever struggle to get a positive like Andrew.

This baby I had zero symptoms of pregnancy and tested six days before Af and got a positive, also a first for me to get a positive so early. But the beta also stalked for me at five weeks and I was told blighten ovum and most likely a loss.

Each pregnancy so different you could feel nothing and be pregnant or not pregnant. One week even though it's a big deal for us doesn't concern most doctors unless you are three weeks late. It's hard to wait, but when a negative test is all you have I would say trust your guy. If you feel off and different or think it's more likely to be pregnancy then go with that until something changes.

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