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question advise please

Sun May 17, 2015 2:23 pm

Hi everybody. So I'm thrilled that we got our bfp at 13dpo (faint ) and much darker clear bfp at 14dpo. Digital confirmed at 16dp With pregnant 1-2weeks :) ahh that was beautiful!! Anyways, i went in to the doctor because here they have to confirm the positive home test before they will schedule you with the ob. They confirmed our pregnancy and scheduled me for May 18th. This appointment is for bloodwork and glucose etc (which they always do with the nurse and then schedule the ob appt ). They automatically schedule the first ob with vaginal ultrasound and they have me a May 20th date. I will be 5weeks 3days. They automatically schedule this and i don't get to select a date. My concern and question is, 5weeks is really early to see anything and I'm worried that going in and seeing nothing on the scan will just worry me that something is wrong. I was debating asking the nurse on the 18th appt to push it back a week but am not sure. Does anyone know what I can expect at this vaginal ultrasound at 5weeks 3days? With my first, They scheduled the first u/s and i was already 6weeks1day so we saw a heartbeat but with this second pregnancy I'm scheduled much earlier. I'm worried that I'll have heartless doctor who will say nothing is there and send me home....

Should i go or call and push it back a week? Hate that these are automatically scheduled here and i have no say. If i could have picked a date, i would have waited until at least 6weeks.

Re: question advise please

Mon May 18, 2015 7:25 am

I personally dislike any ultrasounds within the first trimester. People want to tell us that ultrasound is fine, but we actually don't know and that's the time when babies are doing the most changing.

I would ask to hold off till at least 9 weeks. Most things you will read say its best to schedule after 7 weeks.

If you are not at risk for ectopic or have a history they should allow you to do this. You do not HAVE to have ultrasounds.

Do what makes you comfortable. They work for you after all! Stick to your guns.
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