Like night and day

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Like night and day

Postby jlynne2013 » Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:37 am

So as I posted before I saw my OBGYN on Wednesday for contraction pain... he said my cervix had shrunk down to 3.5 which was OK but he saw mild funneling and sent me to a perinatal specialist because I have a history of preterm with my daughter and then 2 miscarriages in-between this pregnancy.. he told me I shouldn't do any physical activity or anything with the hubs etc.

Went to the perinatal specialist and this woman told me everything was fine. That bedrest doesn't actually do anything. If I wanted to I could go out and run 5 miles and carry on like normal and if my baby was coming early it would come no matter what I did. She said I wasted my time on bedrest with my daughter and the meds and that women way back in the day worked in the fields etc while pregnant. I just nodded my head along but upon thinking more about it I have no faith in this woman.. I was dilated to 1 cm when my doc put me on bedrest and meds.. she stayed put and as soon as they lifted the bedrest and took me off of my meds, I had her.

I am an active person and currently I don't know if I should be sedentary like my DR said or go about my daily life like nothings wrong. When I move around and do things the contractions start in. Up until now they haven't done anything but this week showed the mild funneling and last week I wasn't doing that. My cervix is still closed..but I don't want to do anything thatll change that. I am currently just hitting 26W. My Dr had suggested weekly appts but since the perinatal said I am perfectly fine I don't know if I should still be doing that or wait until my 7 month apt that's in two weeks?

Thoughts? I am so confused.
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