Oh no! Ate food on the no-no list!

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Oh no! Ate food on the no-no list!

Postby agonize » Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:39 pm

I'm moving this weekend...there are boxes everywhere, most things are packed, very little food left in the fridge. My DH was working late - so I decided to venture out and check out some of the nice eatery in the neighborhood. I wanted to be healthy, so without thinking, I ordered a corn on the cob, peas and a caesar salad. I ate the whole meal without thinking and just after I completed my final bite, I realized that I had eaten every drop of the caesar salad dressing!! :doh: I've definitely read that caesar salad dressing is on the no-no list due to raw eggs and the risk of salmonella. Darn it!

I felt really guilty as I left the eatery and sometimes when I feel guilty, I eat ice cream. There was an ice cream shop nearby and they have some new flavors now that it's fall. I tasted a few only to have the shopkeeper tell me after the fact that some of the flavors are infused with alcohol. 8O In my frenzied state and the pressure to order something, i ended up leaving the shop with two scoops of chocolate and snickerdoodle flavors. Later, I find out that snickerdoodle may include raw eggs, though in my frenzied state, I did not ask any questions about whether the ice cream is pasteurized or contains raw eggs. :cry:

Today, I'm 5w6d pregnant - i've been keeping track of the day-to-day development of the tiny fetus. I've read that consuming no-no food may contribute to miscarriages and cause harm to the baby, especially as the little buggers are forming organs and body parts as we speak.

I feel terrible now and am sort of freaking out. Has anyone else also did something like this and the child survived? This is my first baby and I'm still learning the rules. :help:

I swear I will never eat ice cream or caesar salad again!
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Re: Oh no! Ate food on the no-no list!

Postby HighlandGamesGirlCO » Thu Oct 08, 2015 4:47 pm

LOL! Ok, calm down...

I ate runny eggs all through first tri for breakfast. I ate cookie dough too. And cheese made from raw milk. And *gasp* DELI MEAT! (sulfite free though). Baby is just fine, actively kicking me as we speak, and all of her tests have been great. You will be FINE! ;) As long as you aren't swilling wine every day or snorting meth, all is well!
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Re: Oh no! Ate food on the no-no list!

Postby FrostedFuji » Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:00 pm

I had swordfish for dinner RIGHT after I found out I was pregnant - one of the highest mercury content fish out there, oops! I've also had some cookie dough and cake batter. Can't cook without tasting things, darnit! ;) Raw batters are a huge weakness of mine...

Seriously, deep breaths. A few tastes of alcohol are not bad, most caesar dressings are not made with raw eggs unless you're at a super high-end restaurant (and given that yours served corn on the cob, I'm going to assume that was not the case ;) It was very likely from a bottle) and if you're in the USA businesses cannot sell raw milk or raw milk products unless they are clearly labeled as such. Plus, ice cream made from scratch requires some cooking anyway, so even if they started with raw milk/cream and added eggs for a custard base, it's still cooked.

Guidelines for pregnancy eating are really just that - guidelines. Yes, bad things can and have happened, but the actual risks are still very low; they just happen to be slightly higher with those foods in particular than other foods you might eat. As far as drinking, some doctors and midwives even allow, suggest, or even encourage, small amounts of wine during pregnancy, though often not until the second trimester. Realistically, the only reason alcohol is a complete no-no is because we don't know how much is necessary to cause problems; in practice, we see that generally a lot is needed, we just can't ethically do the research to find out what that tipping point is.

Don't be too hard on yourself, we have ALL had slip-ups. Some women don't find out they're pregnant until much later, have eaten/drank all the foods on the no-go list, and have babies who are perfectly healthy.
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