Negative bloods, + ultrasound, 19 DPO, no HCG, concerned....

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Negative bloods, + ultrasound, 19 DPO, no HCG, concerned....

Postby Gracey » Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:51 pm


I have felt pregnant since 3 DPO, I thought that I was going crazy for sure. It was so early to have symptoms... I took hpt and most came up negative. Some with very very faint positives.

Continued to feel pregnant, had two blood tests last week which came up as not pregnant. My doctor told me whatever I thought was there was not. Saw another doctor who arranged a scan. On Wednesday my scan showed a gestational sac of very early pregnancy. Still feeling pregnant....

I am quite worried....

Obviously I know that having hcg confirms that you are in fact pregnant, t I don't seem to have any....... It's under one according to doctors last week. But my scan says I am pregnant..... My body says it also....i am just confused now.
And concerned obviously......

I am wondering if it's a missed miscarriage? I have to wait three weeks to be scanned again..... Has anyone else had this and had a fine full term pregnancy?

Thank you
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Re: Negative bloods, + ultrasound, 19 DPO, no HCG, concerned

Postby Yelibaby » Fri Oct 16, 2015 12:23 pm

Although I haven't been through that particular situation, I wanted to offer you some support.

I've read of plenty of cases of women who take a long time to develop HCG in their systems and have gone on to have a healthy baby, unfortunately it could also be a mmc, although you should still have hcg in your system. I hope you are one the rare cases I mentioned and your pregnancy progresses to full term.

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