Many pregnancies NO m/s, then m/s? Cramps, then NO cramps?

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Many pregnancies NO m/s, then m/s? Cramps, then NO cramps?

Postby elohcin » Thu Dec 24, 2015 8:02 pm

So I know the saying that "every pregnancy is different," but I've been pregnant 16 times now, though I only have 4 living children, and I've found what's normal for me. The majority of my losses were quite early, but a number of them (outside of my ectopic) were 6-10 weeks, enough time to experience a handful of light symptoms. However, that said, symptoms for me tend to be few and far between, IF that, and usually just mild cramping/stretching, some occasional breast/nipple tenderness (I've been nursing through most of the pregnancies so I don't experience as many breast changes), and tiredness. Otherwise, I rely on continuing BFP lines and an early ultrasound if I can get one.

However, with my latest loss, my MMC, I went in at around 10 weeks and the baby had been dead for a while. I tend to think I was holding onto it because I had been taking Welcome Womb which is pretty effective. It was my ONLY pregnancy where I've had any semblance of nausea...mostly in the form of just aversions to eating. Then let's talk about my ectopic...granted, I had started bleeding by about 6w5d with what appeared to be a "normal" m/c, but I don't recall feeling much in the way of cramping or stretching prior to that time (which would make sense).

So...I'm now 6w pregnant today. Further than I've made it in a long time, and it took much longer to get here this time. But I've had very little cramping and aches/stretching, except for a few noticeable times over the past week or so. The only thing I've really obviously felt is an odd "swelling" feeling in my distinctly "swelling" is the only word I can describe it with. I don't recall it with my other pregnancies.

But the part that has me nervous is that today (and a little yesterday) I've been pretty nauseated when I don't eat, but again, it's more of the food aversion type. The same kind I experienced with my MMC. Because that was the ONLY pregnancy I've had any hint of what might be construed as light m/s, it doesn't leave me feeling too encouraged. I keep thinking that maybe it's the progesterone I'm using (oil and cream this time, since the Rx I request is usually only 25mg, very low and only because I ask for it, not because my levels have been low), but again, it's never caused changes in my other healthy pregnancies.

Has anyone had many pregnancies with no symptoms, which had become the norm for you, and THEN had one where you experienced different things? I'm just trying to find something positive to hold onto. I know it's silly to assume the worst when otherwise things look fine for me, but given my history, I'm sure it's understandable...
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Re: Many pregnancies NO m/s, then m/s? Cramps, then NO cramp

Postby Amanda0713 » Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:34 am

First off, I'm so sorry for your many losses, I can't even imagine going through so many. I can understand however, why that would leave you with so many concerns, doubts and questions.

I've only been pregnant 3 times, but here is how mine have been. My first, almost no symptoms at all until third tri when I got really swollen. Never had ms, and only had breast tenderness for one day and it was barely noticeable. That pregnancy resulted in a perfectly heathy boy. My second pregnancy I also had no symptoms, and I wasnt worried since I didn't have any with my son either. I lost the baby at 8 weeks. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and I've been sick as a dog the entire time. I know I'm not 100% out of the woods yet, but I'm into the second tri, which is a good indicator this will be a healthy pregnancy. (Still really sick too btw).

So it seems I've had two healthy pregnancies with VERY different symptoms from each other, and one loss, where the symptoms seems totally within my norm. I think every pregnancy can just be different. I'm not saying I wouldn't be paranoid too if I were in your shoes, as I've been a nervous wreck myself this whole pregnancy, but try not to let it consume you if you can. Good luck, I really hope everything works out for you this time!
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Re: Many pregnancies NO m/s, then m/s? Cramps, then NO cramp

Postby adsloan10 » Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:25 am

I have been pregnant six times. My first ended in miscarriage. With that one I threw up maybe once or twice. With my oldest I don't remember having many symptoms. My second oldest I had a strong aversion to coffee (and I am a HUGE coffee drinker). My third oldest I didn't really have any. My youngest I didn't really have anything. I'm now pregnant again and so far only sore breasts. Each pregnancy was completely different from the one prior. For example, with my oldest I had preterm labor that they had to stop....then 56 hours of back labor before she made her appearance. But the next one I didn't even know I was in labor because the contractions weren't painful and I made it to the hospital just in time.

Trust your instincts though. If you feel something is wrong see if your doctor will do an ultrasound.

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