Temping after BFP

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Temping after BFP

Postby sarahdee » Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:09 am

I received my BFP March 28th at 13 dpo. It's my first pregnancy EVER and we are thrilled! The day of my BFP my HCG was 142, my doctor tested a few days later (16dpo) and HCG was 550, Progesterone 19.

Every couple of days or so for fun I took my morning BBT and it was high as ever...all was right in the world!

Until this morning. I temped....MAJOR temp drop! Not below the coverline...but down from 98.60's to 98.15....

I begin Googling....(geez why do I do these things to myself...temping after BFP and Googling) but now my heart aches as the possibility of an impending miscarriage.

Now there were factors such as I've been sick with a terrible cold for the past few days, and last night there was a temp drop in the overall house temperature..but with such a big BBT drop it's hard to think positive.

We have our doctor's appointment on Monday...hoping all is alright. Any other's experienced this?

And yes, lesson learned...no more temping after BFP *slaps hand*
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Re: Temping after BFP

Postby cbusluv » Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:31 am

I never found temping to be reliable. Both months I got a Bfp fertility friend wasn't sure I even ovulated. If you're sick, mouth breathing, or have an inconsistent sleep schedule, it can mess up your temp. Honestly, if you're not bleeding, you are more than likely fine! :)
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Re: Temping after BFP

Postby elohcin » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:52 am

My temps after BFP's were kinda jumpy, all over the place. I only temped for a few weeks in each time max, but sometimes it was just downright ugly.
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