High risk NT scan result

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High risk NT scan result

Postby earthlyspirit » Wed May 31, 2017 9:25 pm

Hi all
I'm currently 12 weeks and had my NT scan done this Tuesday been. Already got my results back from my midwife she seemed concerned to inform me the results show my baby is high risk of having down syndrome and another one that I cant remember the name of right now.. my head is a little over the place since this is a lot to take in I didn't expect this cause of my age I'm only 20 this will be my first baby
I'm actually quite scared even tho I won't know for sure until I get a diagnosis test done which I will talk to a professional about as my midwife said there's a risk of miscarriage.. I'm so upset right now this just isn't what I expected
It's all the risks like even that I could miscarry to find out if there's an actual problem that really upset me because this isn't the kind of decision I didn't want to be put through it would break me more to have a miscarriage and to find out the baby was fine all along , I've been so over the moon and exciting about this baby this pregnancy and becoming a mother to a beautiful little baby it's something I've always wanted with the man I fall in love with even going out and buying small things as the weeks go by in its room in my new home...
I guess my emotions don't help right now but I'm gonna try to relax and have a good think im very indecisive it's gonna be the hardest thing to have to choose what's best for mine and my partners future together.
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Re: High risk NT scan result

Postby erin860 » Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:38 am

Hi, when I was pregnant with my first at age 33 my NT results were questionable because they could not see the nasil bone and the absence is a marker for Down syndrome. I had to wait a week and was rescanned. Everything was fine but it was a very long, stressful week. I was sad for myself because all I wanted for my husband and myself was a healthy baby but at no time did the thought of ending the pregnancy occur to me. I am a teacher and have seen lots of children with Down syndrome and they are always the sweetest, happiest kids. There is a blood test that the dr can do that is noninvasive and possess no risk of miscarriage and is 99.9% accurate. I had it done with my second baby because at that time I was considered high risk/advanced maternity bc of being over 35. However since you have a risk even though you are not over 35 your insurance probably will still cover it. It's an expensive test (for us would have been $1,100 w/o insurance) so call your insurance company directly to confirm you will be covered if you choose to go that route (don't just ask the doctor if your covered). God chose you to be this baby's mother. My best advice is to pray right now for peace during this time of waiting, pray of a healthy result, and pray for strength and guidance if you don't get the result you are praying for.
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