feels like period is coming and nothing happens but...

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feels like period is coming and nothing happens but...

Postby mummyof2andapuppy » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:13 am

I have 2 kids, and it has been 6 years since I had my last kid.... I forgot about the 'signs' before taking a test lol.

basically, I don't chart, never have. My husband I hardly have sex anymore (I am in my mid 30s), so when I get it, I will take it lol. We do the pull out method. twice. According to various websites (babycenter is one of them), my fertile days was August 7, 2017 to August 11, 2017.

I know pull out, isn't 100% .. the odd thing is, the whole month thus far, I haven't had ovulation EWCM - in fact, there was little to none until last night and this morning, it feels like a slight waterfall is about to happen lol.

Also, for 3 days straight, I had that 'feeling' my period was coming. I took the tests, dollar store and first response, so far says negative.

my CM was like snot.

There is a probability that I ovulated later in the month and it happened now (as my period is due any day now)... Orrrr.... my body is playing tricks on me lol. that I am pregnant.

I never once had the 'feeling' like my period is going to start and then I get a rush of CM fluid coming out, at least this much. has anyone had this happened to them on here???
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