Are You Gaining Weight Yet?

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Are You Gaining Weight Already?

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Are You Gaining Weight Yet?

Postby sherry2010 » Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:32 am know everybody is wondering. i mean, unless you are throwin up alot, i know you are eating more, right? lol, and where is it gonna go?? hehe. i threw the scale away after driving myself batty last time, but now i want one back in here again....idk if it's a good idea with twins in the gut though... :roll:

when i went to the re, i weighed a certain #, then the next week it was up two, then down two...WTH? now i'm lost w/o that weekly 'check' but since my appetite has sky rocketed, i can imagine...eek! it's too soon, but yet, it obviously happens.

i remember last time, gaining fairly quickly and being sooo scared i'd gain 120 lbs by the time i delivered. my dr assured me some gain more in the 1st trimester then others, and some gain more later, and it has a way of balancing itself out. i didn't believe him, but he was right, i gained like 19 lbs with ds (more then 1/2 in the 1st tri!!)...i had gained over 40 with dd, and i didn't even get passed 25 wks!!! *think i was stress eating, lol, but no excuses*.

winter pg's seem to catch up more, so i gotto get the elliptical ready, but just curious for those who are hittin the scales, which i know alot of you likely are, i would if i had one..debating on buying one...what are you seeing?

i know there is extra blood and water weight, but i know if the appetite goes up, and you eat more, some of it has gotto be fat right? lol.

just wanted to see where everybody is at. i gotto check my journal from last time, see the big 1st trimester gain, and when all of that started

hugs, sherry
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