crazy story

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crazy story

Postby mandytee » Tue May 27, 2014 6:11 pm

So I had my first dr appointment booked today at 2:45pm. I work downtown and live in the suburbs so my appointment is around the same area. I have to take one bus to my local mall and the second bus to my house and then Id take my car to the appointment.

I took the first bus and realized that that I missed the second one. When I called my dr's office, they said that the dr doesn't take lateness and I'd have to reschedule. Since this is my first appointment, I really wanted to go so I planned to take the bus to a near location and cab. So I get there, hop into a cab, give him my address and inform him that I'd be paying with debit and he agrees.

We get to my house. The fare is 20$. I'm glad because I realise that I'm able to make it since its only 2:30pm. But the cabbie doesn't know how to work the machine or something because after multiple attempts, my card doesn't go through. So i'm watching the minutes creep by and I'm getting impatient/upset. I hand him my credit card and he still slowly is trying to work the machine and theres still an error message. Turns our the debit machine isn't working. So basically, I tell the cabbie that I have to go and if he could just follow me to the bank, I'd give him cash but I had to go. He starts getting angry and saying that he wants his money and that if he followed me, then Id have to pay the meter. I said no way, i don't have cash and I told him that I was paying debit from the beginning. He starts getting angry and threatening to call the police. I'm too late for this appointment to even argue with him so I reach into my pocket and grab random change (that amounts to around 10$) and was like I'm sorry this is what I have but I have to go. You can follow me or you can choose to go. I'm sorry, I have to go.

So as he's yelling at me, I hop into my car parked into my driveway and turn on my car. He pulls up behind me to block my way out. I do this awkward 3 point turn out my of driveway, and end up driving through my mom's lawn, crushing all the flowers, almost hitting his car (as he's trying to to block my way) and bolt out of the neighbourhood.

This was definitely one of my crazy
Oh and I still didn't make the appointment. I'm booked tomorrow morning at 8am.
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