1st time being pregnant and anxious over symptoms

Congrats on on your pregnancy! Cramps, Morning Sickness, Food Adversions! Share your first trimester experiences here.

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1st time being pregnant and anxious over symptoms

Postby Ajds0129 » Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:56 am

Hi ladies! This is my first time being pregnant and I'm keeping it hush-hush until about 10 weeks so I have no one to talk to. I've been following this website for years without posting and have gotten such encouragement from everyone through their journeys.

I'm about 4.5 weeks along and I have my first appointment with my obgyn on Monday. I've been mildly cramping since I've found out and I heard that's normal, but I'm also (tmi) having burning pains after I urinate. Is that normal? I emailed the dr so I should be hearing back from her today. I suppose I'm looking for positive reassuring lol, that everything is going to be ok. I'm so anxious about something going wrong with the pregnancy. I have PCOS so it hasn't been the easiest journey but it's all been worth it! I can only talk to my husband, but he hasn't been through a pregnancy, so that only goes so far. Any ladies out there been through the same, had the same feelings, am I going crazy? Any positive words or advice would be cherished. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my book :) have a great day!!
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Re: 1st time being pregnant and anxious over symptoms

Postby Annabelle19 » Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:16 am

This is my first pregnancy too! I am 5 weeks 2 days today. I'm glad you contacted your Dr about the burning sensation; sometimes that can be a UTI which I understand can be common with pregnancy (so not to worry!) :)
I will be 8 weeks 3 days at my first appt so it is a lonnngggg slow day-by-day process right now.

The ironic thing with me is that before I got my BFP on 3/18, I'd had an appt scheduled for next week to get a work up because I was suspicious that I too might have endo or pco/pcos going on. But since I got pregnant on the first try, now I just have to hope that everything is indeed all good and take it one day at a time.

Don't be discouraged if there's nothing to really see or anything at your visit -- it sounds like even at 8 weeks it may still end up being difficult to tell too much at my first appt, so I am mentally preparing myself for that too. :)

Enjoy this blessed adventure and I wish you a healthy pregnancy too!!
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Re: 1st time being pregnant and anxious over symptoms

Postby amlobo » Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:20 am

The cramping is definitely normal. I had a lot of cramping early, but it stopped before the end of the 1st trimester. My doctor said only to worry if it was severe cramping accompanied by bleeding, so at least I didn't freak out every time I felt a cramp. Well, I still freaked out, but not so much that I rushed to the hospital. Believe me, it is totally normal to feel horribly anxious. I wish I could say the anxiety goes away, but I'm 14 1/2 weeks and still anxious about every little twinge I feel. I guess this is the beginning of being a mom - all the worrying!

I never had burning after peeing... it might be a UTI. I had something similar, but I quickly realized it was that the new soap I had switched to was irritating my skin (and it just so happened to coincide with the time I got pregnant, lol).
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Re: 1st time being pregnant and anxious over symptoms

Postby sgrumbling21 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:45 pm

Welcome and Congratulations!!!! I had cramping for about two weeks after my BFP, I just kept telling myself it was baby growing! I had my first appointment at 7 weeks and you could barely see anything but I did get to see the little heartbeat! (I can post the picture of it if you'd like) I also was worried about every little thing but just try to stay calm. I have recently started to feel better and that made me nervous because I should be feeling like crap right?! lol But the truth is, your body is constantly changing during pregnancy and there will be ups and downs. Don't worry, everything will work out for you!! :)
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