"What to expect when you're expecting"

Congrats on on your pregnancy! Cramps, Morning Sickness, Food Adversions! Share your first trimester experiences here.

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"What to expect when you're expecting"

Postby 90Kat » Mon Jun 22, 2015 12:51 pm

So, I've been on this board for awhile and I'm almost in my third trimester, but this morning as I'm reading my "what to expect while your expecting"and checking all my twoweekwait boards it suddenly hits me, I should suggest this book! It covers a VAST majority of pregnancy information, symptoms, what you can expect each week, what your husband may be feeling and how to cope, if your having multiples, if you have a complicated pregnancy, if you've experienced a loss, it even goes over how to get started and what labour may be like for you. It's amazing, not to mention the writer Heidi Murkoff throws in a sense of humor so it doesn't feel like your getting a lecture from a college professor. Granted, there are questions you will have that she doesn't cover, but as a whole this book gas made me feel so much better, and taught me things I never even knew. I am sincerely suggesting this book for any new moms who enjoy a good read and want to know all about there pregnancy and devolving baby(s)!! :hb:
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