Intense cramps scaring me. Is this normal?

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Intense cramps scaring me. Is this normal?

Postby Duke27 » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:29 am

Hi ladies,

I'm just coming up to 6 weeks pregnant and am having some really intense cramps which radiate into my back. It seems to come on when I bend over or when I'm leaning forward or something. They are not constant and are on and off but they are worse than my period pains. I had some check ups and scans at the hospital last week and this week on tuesday they saw the sac and the yolk sac and going back in a few weeks to hopefully see the baby and heartbeat.

I'm just so worried as when these pains come on they are sooo painful :( and I keep thinking im miscarrying or something. They have been happening on and off for about a week now.

I also wondered whether they could be related to bowl issues? I seem to be going to the toilet ok but am having a lot of wind and can't work out whether the cramps are coming from that area rather than uterus area.

Should I be worried ladies? Or is this part of my body changing ready for my baby?

Thank you in advance
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Re: Intense cramps scaring me. Is this normal?

Postby HighlandGamesGirlCO » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:48 am

It's most likely gas pains, believe it or not! All that stuff - your uterus and your bowels - are in the same area-ish and it's easy to confuse where the pain is coming from. When you pass the gas, do the cramps feel better? Can you feel bubbles moving around in your tummy and causing pain?

If passing the gas doesn't help, I would call your doc and ask about it so you can get some peace of mind...but it really is most likely gas! Welcome to pregnancy! :rofl:
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