Got sunburnt

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Got sunburnt

Postby Duke27 » Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:04 am

Hi ladies,

So I have a couple of questions. I used morrisons sun cream spray today and still got burnt even though I was mostly in the shade. It's so painful on my back so I've put on garnier ambre solaire after sun with aloe Vera all over my back it has helped a little.

Now I'm worried though as I didn't even know these could be things we should avoid I Googled and found loads of for and against information on what to use.

So what I'm asking is...

Was the morrisons sun cream safe to use?

Was the garnier after sun safe to use?

And does anyone know any way of getting rid of this pain? :-( I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant just to let you know.

Thank you in advance x
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