Nuchal Translucency - to test or not? xposted

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Nuchal Translucency - to test or not? xposted

Postby Kylie » Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:40 am

I had a Dr's appointment today and she raised the subject of whether or not I wanted to test for Down's Syndrome. Without thinking about it I said I would do the Nuchal Translucency but wouldn't do any invasive testing such as amnio. Ever since I've been questioning if I want to do it. I would keep the baby no matter what and from what I've been reading around the internet lots of people seem to get bad results and it turns out everything is fine. I'm really torn. What would you do?
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Re: Nuchal Translucency - to test or not? xposted

Postby MamaPeach » Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:58 am

With DD, I got the NT scan, but mostly just to see my kiddo. DH and I talked beforehand, and Downs Syndrome wouldn't have swayed us to terminate. I believe if there's actually one of the trisomies, there are other signs, too. I'm not getting the NT scan this time, but only because I'm getting the Harmony cell-free DNA test. HTH!
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Re: Nuchal Translucency - to test or not? xposted

Postby FrostedFuji » Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:42 am

We also chose to do the Harmony cell-free DNA, they take your blood and extract baby's DNA for chromosomal testing, more accurate than the NT without the invasion of amniocentesis. It also confirmed the baby's sex :)

For another perspective-

My DH and I also decided we would not terminate if the baby was positive for Downs. That said, there are other chromosomal disorders where I would have considered termination because they DO cause pain & suffering AND baby will generally not survive to term anyway. I would strongly advise you to do some reading on the different disorders that can be detected and make your own decisions on what you and your family can and cannot handle, and what you believe is best for you and your baby.

In addition, had our baby tested positive for DS, I wanted to be as prepared as possible. There are SO many things that CAN (and do) go wrong, I wanted as much knowledge as I could have about the outcomes we could be prepared for. Along with the unique challenges of raising a child with DS, it is frequently comorbid with heart problems. I would have wanted to find a support group, gather resources, and learn now rather than waiting until my child was here.

These are just my personal preferences. I'm of the opinion that any choice you make here is yours and yours alone, and there really is no wrong decision. Again, you know what you are able to handle and what will allow you to give your child the best love and care you can provide.
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