Low HCG but rising and bleeding

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Low HCG but rising and bleeding

Postby babydiggs » Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:05 am

Hi ladies, this is my first pregnancy and I really don't know what to do. According to my dates I should be 5wks3days right now. Last tuesday i had a blood test and my HCG was 465 which I know is low. I went back thursday and got another blood test and those levels were at 475. I started bleeding this morning (tuesday) but have had no cramping, so I immediately went to the dr and she did another blood test. I only bleed when i use the bathroom and some is on my liner afterwards but it is not heavy or clotty just thick. she also did a vaginal ultrasound but she said it was too early to see anything, so I might not be as far along. She saw a very very very tiny spot which she said could be a sac or remnants of one but she didn't think much of it. My HCG came back at 687 though. Which is still low but it is rising. My dr. said it most likely will not be a viable pregnancy and I can either wait and get tested again this weekend or I can schedule a d&c. Has anyone experienced this and still gone on to have a viable pregnancy? Should I wait and let nature takes it course and see what happens or go with the d&c right away? Do you think I can still go on to have a successful pregnancy?
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Low HCG @ 5wks
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Re: Low HCG but rising and bleeding

Postby B Michaelson » Fri Aug 26, 2016 10:21 am

Sorry to hear babydiggs. It could be a few things.

It's really hard to see much on early ultrasounds but I think generally by 6 weeks they should, although not always. It could be that's it's just too early. Levels usually have to be around 1100 or higher to see anything.

I would really make sure they keep an eye on your levels though in case it could be ectopic. Often levels in ectopic will rise just slowly or irregularly, you can have spotting and again wouldn't see anything on the scan.

It could be that it's a threatened miscarriage and your body is trying to hold onto the embryo. Another good reason to have levels monitored.

I have also known a lot of ladies who have bled/spotted early on and everything was fine.

It's stressful not knowing, but I suppose all you can do is wait and see. But I strongly recommend asking them to keep regularly testing your hcg.

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