How did/will you tell friends and family?

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How did/will you tell friends and family?

Postby RubyRed17 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:48 pm

We already have a plan for telling my parents. My mom does photography on the side, so I'm going to ask her to do a photo shoot with me and DH since we haven't had pictures made since our wedding. Part of the way in, we're gonna pull out a prop like a onesie or the sonogram and everyone will find out then!

We're still trying to decide how to tell his family.

How did/will you guys tell friends and family? Did you just spill the beans or did you have something planned out? I love hearing the announcement stories!
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Re: How did/will you tell friends and family?

Postby scubachic84 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:10 pm

RubyRed17, that is so sweet. I teared up picturing that moment with your mom.

Mine has been the worst experience so far....literally. This is my first pg and the way its going, it is completely depressing me. First off, I told DH and he had the "oh sh$t" reaction and went straight into worrying about its health because he hasn't been eating right and was drinking the night it happened, then worrying about finances, even though we both make a decent income and have very little debt. So that was not a memorable moment for me, even though he eventually came around.

Next, I told my sister because it was all so fresh and exciting to me and she was staying the night a few weekends ago. That went fine, but apparently, she had a conversation with my mom that she swears was "innocent" but left my mom curious if I was pg. I get a text from my mom asking if I if I wanted to tell my mom via text that I was. I put it off and told her no, but when I announced it to her and DH's parents at the same time, she pretty much told me she knew bc of my sister. Completely ruined that moment for me too.

The only good scenario so far has been my Dad. I bought a baby book and wrote on the inside "Grandpa, please read this to me in April." It took him a little bit to get it bc there are already grandkids and he thought one of them gave it to him haha.

I wouldn't normally be telling people this early, but I was supposed to go to Aruba for a week starting yesterday and Dr. said not to bc of zika. So, everyone would be wondering why I was still here.

Hope your announcement goes smoothly...or at least better than mine lol. At the end of the day, I'm pg and that makes me happy!
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