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Feeling really down about my HCG doubling time :(

Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:35 pm

Hi guys,

So a little background... I took clomid 100 mg this cycle. I had a 24mm follicle on my R side and a 15mm follie on the left (doctor said only the 24mm would ovulate).

I got a pretty early positive HPT (I think it was 9-10 DPO), and the line continued to darken. In fact, even today at 19 DPO the line is darker than the control.

However, this past Monday, at 16 DPO, I had my first BETA HCG. It came back great, so I thought, at 680. (Lower than my previous pregnancy, which at 17 DPO was 2,316). But still good. I figured my 2nd Beta would be just as great.

Not so much....... Wednesday of this week, at 18 DPO, my levels had only gone up to 990. Exactly 48 hours later. The doctor said she wasn't "too concerned" yet, because it was still high, but come on... that's like a 44-45% increase over 2 days with a 90 hour doubling time. I have basically given up, but they are checking my bloods again tomorrow. My HPTs keep getting darker, but I know that means nothing. Anyway, just looking for some honest thoughts and advice! Thank you.
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