13 weeks, UTI > amoxicillin + materna?

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13 weeks, UTI > amoxicillin + materna?

Postby Gubee » Fri May 16, 2014 6:39 pm

Hi ladies! Just entered 13 weeks and when I thought all my appetites were getting better, my urine culture came back with UTI from my first OB visit. It really sucks! I was prescribed with amoxicillin, but I was checking with the materna bottle. It says that I should take materna few hours before or after other medications. I'm used to take materna before bed, but then the last dose of amoxicillin was close to bed time. I don't want to skip the materna. What do you ladies think? Is it ok to just take the materna soon after amoxicillin? :?: :?: :?:

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Re: 13 weeks, UTI > amoxicillin + materna?

Postby funobulaks » Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:08 am

Hi Gubee,

You are probably half way through your course of antibiotics by now, and I hope you found a solution that worked for you. Next time you have a question about drugs, go to the nearest pharmacy and ask them for advice. I have asked my pharmacist about all kinds of things during this pregnancy and they have been really helpful. Even when it was about things or drugs that they did not sell me. I talked to them about extra protein supplement powders, about whether or not I could crush up some over the counter minerals that were to big for me to swallow, about mosquito repellent and I even brought my antibiotics back and asked if they had a smaller size pill because I couldn't swallow them. They just exchanged them, not extra fee. Pharmacists are awesome and they really just want to help.

I don't know exactly what Materna is, but I assume it is a prenatal and my guess would be that the drugs might affect the iron absorbancy of the prenatal...
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