looking for support in put please

The affectionately named "honeymoon trimester". Your belly is getting bigger and you start to feel your first baby kicks. Are you having a boy or a girl?

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Re: looking for support in put please

Postby breezy_boo » Mon Sep 29, 2014 6:51 pm

Aw clue, I'm sorry you are still waiting. I was hoping by now you'd have good news for me!
I am doing well. 29 weeks now, heading home to canada for a week. Having my first baby shower over the weekend! Very excited. :). looking forward to seeing my family, but not looking forward to the long flight and being away from dh for a week!
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Re: looking for support in put please

Postby DM7 » Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:44 pm

Hi clue! I hope things are going well. They found a cyst on my baby boy at the 19 week scan. I was told that it was a normal abnormality and should resolve on its own by 28 weeks or birth. I have to go back at 22 (nov. 17) weeks because they couldn't get a good read on his upper lip. Everything I have read and advice I received was that it's fine and goes away or the baby is born with it but had no effects. The only time is a worry is if they find other indicators that combined indicate trisomy 18. However, in my mind even if I found out the possibility of trisomy 18 I would not abort.
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