Two Week Wait

The affectionately named "honeymoon trimester". Your belly is getting bigger and you start to feel your first baby kicks. Are you having a boy or a girl?
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Welcome second trimester

Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:00 pm

The only thing better then making it to second trimester is saying goodbye to morning sickness. I had to wait to brag just in case it was a tease but overall I am certain morning sickness has left!!!!!!! I get the occasionally nausea but it doesn't last and has more to do with hunger then just hormones.

Hello everyone, this place is quiet so it's more a personal statement that I am moving up. I want to make the most of this stage since it's last baby and the best stage to be in.

Re: Welcome second trimester

Wed Mar 11, 2015 7:38 pm

Yay for bring done with morning sickness. Mine is still hanging around. :(

How are your other issues going? Did things get better?

Re: Welcome second trimester

Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:33 pm

I read that on the other page, but with your form if morning sickness that's lasts the whole time right?

I'm on a diet for IBS, and still have pain and a distended tummy but nothing like before and I'm going to the bathroom again. My dr can't help until after baby is born but thinks something else is going on.

The only pain I experience now is from stretching and scar tissue tearing and that's a day here or there.

I'm doing a whole lot better and feel like I can finally enjoy the pregnancy. How is yours going?

Re: Welcome second trimester

Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:10 am

Glad to hear you're at least doing better than before!

This week I'm doing pretty well. I was in the ER for fluids again about a week ago. I saw my OB yesterday and she finally admitted my morning sickness might not subside like she originally thought.

As long as I'm diligent about meds and recognize that I may have episodes where I need IV fluids, I should be able to manage until baby comes. They are about 85% sure it's morning sickness and not gallbladder at this point, but they aren't ruling aanything out. It's no fun, but I'm over half way to some real relief!

Re: Welcome second trimester

Thu Mar 12, 2015 4:35 pm

Hi katie! Nice to see you on this side. :wink:

Re: Welcome second trimester

Fri Mar 13, 2015 6:18 am

Yay welcome !! Incredible how the weeks are flying by. Goodness I need to start getting ready
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