Measuring behind (x posted Sept DDC)

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Measuring behind (x posted Sept DDC)

Postby RED1203 » Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:41 am

I've just come back from my 29 week appt and according to the midwife I'm measuring three weeks behind Sad I was measuring two weeks behind at my last appt. Worst part is I now have to wait a whole week for a hosp appt so they can do a u/s.

Dh is working all weekend and up until weds so I'm going to be stuck here on my own until then worrying my brains out.

So upset. :'(

Has anyone else ever measured behind? I hear a lot of it has to do with the position of the baby. My little guy was laying transverse when the midwife was poking him. I knew exactly where he was and had to point out to HER 'here's his head, thats a foot etc etc...'

Also I'm quite tall and slim (8 stone 4 pre pregnancy and 5 foot eight), have very firm stomach muscles and am carrying super low. Babys heartbeat is fine and he wriggles like a champ so I really just dont know how worried I should be!
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Postby TracyL82 » Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:47 pm

I just posted this on another thread but with DS I measured 3-4 weeks behind for most of my 3rd trimester. I too am slender, only gained around 20 lbs (making my total weight at the end of the pregnancy 122 lbs) and worked out through the whole pregnancy. They did several ultrasounds and scared the fool out of me by saying he might not be growing anymore. The ultrasounds estimated him as being 5 lbs. Of course, he was born on his due date and weighed a healthy 7.5 lbs, 21 inches! With this pregnancy I won't think twice about my measurements being behind :)
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