Ugh!!! Food poisoning!:(((

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Ugh!!! Food poisoning!:(((

Postby Zara111106 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:21 am

Well it seems like no matter how careful I try to be in this pregnancy, the more bad things happen to me. Sprained my ankle a few weeks ago and now in my 16th week of pregnancy I get food poisoning! We were in cancun, Mexico all last week and I was very picky about the food I ate. Managed to make it back to the U.S. saturday night with no problems but decided to stop at subway on the way home because our fridge would be empty. I had a veggie 6 inch sub. Woke up that night with major diarrhea (sorry tmi) and later that morning felt nauseous. Ate some saltines but they ended up coming up. Needless to say I'm sure you can figure out how the rest of my day went. I read dehydration was the biggest concern with food poisoning so I kept sipping mix of water and Gatorade all day pretty much non-stop even If it would come up. By evening I was keeping down food and liquids and diarrhea was subsiding. Did not go to ER because I was not dehydrated and wanted to see how things went the first day. By next morning I was fine so it lasted less than 24 hrs. I'm hopeful because of the short duration that it didn't have a chance to affect the baby. I have a doppler and checked babys heartbeat which was fine. I have my next prenatal appt tomorrow so ill be able to get LO more closely looked at. Has anyone else had food poisoning and was everything fine with your baby?
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