Anyone has ever taken insulin for GD & baby asprin ?

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Anyone has ever taken insulin for GD & baby asprin ?

Postby Manii » Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:54 am

Anyone with gestational diabetes -taking insulin ? I have also been taking baby asprin ( though not detected with any clotting disorder) but my peri suggest that I take asprin b'cos had low PAPAA and may be I suspect my blood is a bit thick . Had a 16 weeks loss last year question is does taking both of this can have any bad effect on baby ? Anyone who's taken both this and have had normal n healthy baby.
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Re: Anyone has ever taken insulin for GD & baby asprin ?

Postby witchmagpie » Sun May 05, 2013 6:01 pm

I have GD, but am managing to control my blood sugar levels with diet alone. A good friend of mine had regular diabetes that she was managing with diet alone, but had to go on insulin when she became pregnant because it made her levels go crazy. Her pregnancy was healthy and uneventful, and her baby was born on time naturally with no problems.

I was taking baby aspirin in my early pregnancy, but I wasn't taking it for GD. They had me on it to prevent high blood pressure. I quit taking it and began drinking a ton of coconut water instead and that lowered my blood pressure significantly-more than the aspirin ever did.

I don't believe that baby aspirin (81mg) or insulin have any documented negative effects on infants, but other moms on the list may know better than me.

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