aches pain & moodiness!

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aches pain & moodiness!

Postby miss'viola » Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:44 am

hello ladies ! im a day early saturday im officially 28 weeks :) thats 3rd tri right? :)
my pregnancy has been great a bit hard with the pains and low iron and some scares but so so worth it!!
i havent had a lot of pain lately until now once again lol sharp pains, stabby pains, Very sore back and legs, sometimes feels hard to even take a deep breath. besides all that tho i have had weird moodiness way more downs than ups too. i constantly am upset with my fiance, he even looks at me wrong i get super mad or ill want to cry. he annoys me a lot lately too even when hes done nothing wrong! same goes with like everyone else they all just seem to get on my nerves lol i feel bad for feeling that way. and when i get all mad at them all i end up crying because i feel like a terrible person. anything can make me cry too even small things lol! and even when everything is all fine i end feeling sad outta nowhere and crying anyway. its just crazy. i feel crazy.
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Re: aches pain & moodiness!

Postby bazil323 » Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:19 pm

Welcome to the third trimester! It's a crazy ride, ain't it? Sorry the hormones are keeping you irritable and down, but you may want to mention it to your doctor or midwife. Sometimes they can have some suggestions to help.

You may want to start taking a vitamin D supplement, at least 1,000 IU but even up to 5,000 IU with the transition into fall/winter because a lot of people start feeling down this time of year because of the lack of direct sunlight. Plus, it helps you absorb calcium which is super important now and during breastfeeding.
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