Breech baby

Fourth you ask? Your body is still full of pregnancy hormones as you adjust to life sleep-deprived with your new baby outside your womb.

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Breech baby

Postby April1980 » Fri Dec 18, 2009 4:22 pm

Please share your stories with me on breech deliveries and C sections! I'm 36 weeks and baby is breech. Tried turning today did not work! Got the little bugger sides ways but didn't budge after that! I have 3 weeks left to try and flip! Or will either attempt a vaginal breech delivery or Scheduled C section Jan 8th!! Just need advice info reguarding healing and breast feeding after C section!! FYI I planned to go drug free all natural! But baby has it's own plans! Thank you in advance. Please be honest I can take it! Need all the info I can get Also if it matters I have a 6 year old DD and have had a vaginal delivery!
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Postby jadie_f » Fri Dec 18, 2009 4:31 pm

I had a breech baby from 20 weeks on. She was big too, over 8 pounds, and her head was wedged between my ribs. I decided against the version attempt and was scheduled for my c/s. They did u/s every week. At 39 weeks to the day, I was prepped for surgery, DH was gowned and my whole family was waiting. The nurse put in my IV and started to wheel me out of the room. At the last second my OB did an U/S to determine where the baby was and guess what? She was head down and engaged. She turned by herself at 39 weeks when they told me it would never happen, even the MW said there was no chance. Dont give up all hope, babies have a way of knowing what they need to do when they need to do it. SHe ended up being 10 days late but I was able to deliver her vaginally. GL and think baby turning vibes. There are some exercises you can do to encourage her to turn, I tried everything but it didnt work for me, she just wanted to do it on her own time, check out spinning babies website
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Postby NYsBelle » Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:58 am

audrey was breech pretty much from the get go and refused to turn. we did a scheduled c-section at 39w1d. the surgery itself went great and was a great experience. i got a spinal so i couldn't feel anything. dh was in the operating room with me. the staff was amazing. everything they did they talked us through it and said what was going on. when audrey was delivered they had dh take out our camera and told him when to take pictures - so we have great shots of her just out of me w/ the doc holding her up, her getting her lungs cleaned out, making her footprints, being weighed. the staff even took pictures of dh holding her. we had requested that dh be able to hold her while i was getting stitched up, so he brought her right near me so i could see and talk to audrey. after they were all done dh was able to give audrey to me and i got to hold her while they moved us to recovery. that was another thing we added to our birth plan. right after we got to recovery i asked to bf audrey. it went really great!

we stayed in the hospital 4 days - i wanted to make sure that we really had bfing down. there were no issues with bfing. actually, audrey was very awake and alert the first day at the hospital, we think because neither of us went through the stress of labor. the second night we stayed up the entire night cluster feeding and my milk came in right away. i was glad i didn't take the advice of the nurses that night to just give her a pacifier and waited to consult with a lc, because otherwise my milk may not have come in as early or as well as it did.

I'm not really loving recovery from the c-section. i was not prepared for the swelling. because of all the fluids they pump into you, you swell a lot! and it takes well a week or more for the swelling to go down. if you are like me your legs and ankles and feet are going to feel awful! as soon as you can get up and start walking. wear a dress or skirt to go home or very loose pants. Wear slippers or flip flops or something to get home because your feet won't fit in anything else for a long time.

Also, the section will slow down your digestive tract so it'll be forever until you actually have a BM. I did not realize this. I was miserable. i brought fiber choice to the hospital with me and colace and took them both regularly and I still couldn't go! i finally had them give me a suppository because there was no way i was leaving the hospital without having a BM. And having a BM sucks for a while after until you heal more. And to make matters worse it's very difficult to clean yourself after so you might need help getting yourself clean. bless my dh's heart that he didn't hesitate but i was so embarrassed.

i made sure i got the pain meds on time while in the hospital and used all of the pain meds they gave me to take home. i took motrin regularly for several weeks after. tbh i am still very tender now 6 weeks later. but i think i am the exception rather than the rule. i also popped a couple of stitches so that might have something to do with it.

hopefully you have lots of loose pants. i figured i could just wear my maternity clothes for awhile but the seam on all of the maternity clothes where the tummy panels meets the actual pants/jeans material is right where the incision from the c-section is. so for the most part i am stuck in sweats or pj bottoms unless i want to wear dresses and skirts. otherwise i wear the maternity pants and just suck it up but my incision gets really irritated even now.
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