1 wk pp...feel gross and alone

Fourth you ask? Your body is still full of pregnancy hormones as you adjust to life sleep-deprived with your new baby outside your womb.

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Postby mariebmk » Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:20 pm

I'm glad you got some good cuddle time! I'll chime in too and say it does get better. I cried every day for at least 6 weeks and then some for the next 2 as well. While I loved my girl to pieces I often had the "what the heck did I just do to my life" thought. Things suddenly started to click though and now by 12 weeks I finally feel like my old self again and am truly enjoying being a mommy.

Things that helped me - swaddling and the entire list of 5 things in the happiest baby on the block. DH got really good at those steps which gave me a break sometimes. They don't work on her anymore, but we still swaddle every night and for some naps. Also I made a point to shower every day. Sometimes it was while she napped, sometimes it waited until DH got home - but I'd take long showers if I could and just decompress and get some me time.

Sometimes it also just helped me to write . . . get out all my frustrations and emotions.

I assure you - it does get better. I always figured it had to or I could not at all understand why people would ever want a 2nd kid!

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Postby MotoX Mom » Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:09 pm

babyh - All posts are totally right :) I just kept remembering, it WILL get better! And it all went by pretty fast. I too had a terribly colicky baby. We always swaddled her for sleeping, but soon she got out of the blanket. I started using the Kiddopotomus swaddle at about 2 months (DD was too little for the NB one). WATCH your video :D It will give you WONDERFUL insight to what your newborn is going thru and how to understand and fix it. I highly recommend HBOTB :D You will read how some can fight the swaddle at first, but it helps calm them down so they can pay attention to the other things you are doing to soothe them like swinging, shushing and sucking. When DD gets really riled up, and I cant calm her, I immediately swaddle her (she cries more for a minute) then within about 20 seconds of the rest of the 5 S's she calms.

For the mommy stuff...it gets better too! I barely had bladder control for about a month PP. I even had my mom pick me up some of the pads for it in case I was out anywhere and was not within 5 seconds of a bathroom, LOL. I never did need them, as I didnt need to go out until after it was much better. What you are feeling is totally normal. I was sore for a long time too...still hurts to have sex, but i know it will pass. It's slowly getting better :) Cuddle time with DH is good too! Just have him help you keep an eye on your mood, etc to watch for any PPD. I had my DH do that as well.


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Postby illbeyourpride » Tue Feb 09, 2010 2:25 am

So so so SO normal. I was in a daze after having DS. Still some days are crazy. Let the mess go for awhile, sleep when you can, and just enjoy your baby. You'll feel back to your old self soon.
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